Term & Conditions


GonHit (hereinafter We/Our) manages the Affiliate Marketing Network at www.gonhit.com and provides Affiliates with the opportunity to work with Affiliate Campaigns of Merchants of the Affiliate Marketing Network (GonHit).

To participate in the GonHit Affiliate Network, the Affiliates agree to unconditionally abide by these

The participants of the Affiliate Network are Merchants (also known as Vendors or Advertisers), Affiliates (also known as Publishers), and GonHit.


“An Affiliate Network” is also known as an Affiliate marketplace. An Affiliate Marketing Network bridges the gap between Merchants and Affiliates. The Affiliate Marketing Network works with the Merchants to put the products/services on the Network, and the Affiliates will go to the network to find products/services to promote and get commission. For payment, the Affiliate Marketing Network will collect money from the Merchants and then pay it to the Affiliates.

“Merchants” are also known as vendors. Those are people who have or create products/services. They want to promote their products/services in the form of Affiliate marketing. Merchants need Affiliates to bring them more End Users. They work through the Affiliate Marketing Network (GonHit) to simplify the process of affiliate marketing. The Merchants provide GonHit such as validated landing pages/websites, graphic banners, text links, XML product catalogues, logo, etc.

“Affiliates” are the owners or operators of websites, social media fan pages, or other marketing means. Affiliates distribute or arrange for distribution of Advertising Materials of Merchants from GonHit Affiliate Network on the Internet and get commission from it.

“End Users” are people who ultimately buy or make required actions through Affiliate links.

“Affiliate links” are links that send End Users back to the Merchant's sites so that they can take appropriate actions following campaigns' action points. The most common actions are buying products, booking services, and providing personal information (lead).

“An Affiliate Campaign” means a program to promote a Product or Service, through Affiliates, by GonHit on behalf of a Merchant, on a specific basis and with specific Commissions and Validation Criteria.

“Commission” means commission which is payable by the Merchants to GonHit under this Agreement includes the Affiliate Commission and GonHit Commission, where stated separately.

“Personal commission” The commission which is generated by running affiliate campaign of affiliates.

“Team commission” The 3% commission which is generated from Affiliates’ team members in 10 levels while promoting campaigns.

“GonHit Affiliate Network” is the Internet-based advertising platform linking The Affiliates with the Merchants. GonHit is located at and accessible via the website www.gonhit.com.

“Merchant Website” means the website of the Merchant through which the Product or service is advertised or sold. In some cases, the required action is also made on the Merchant Website.

“Website traffic” refers to End Users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured in visits, sometimes called “sessions”, and is a common way to measure online business effectiveness at attracting an audience.

“GON” Crypto currency.

“Airdrop” An airdrop is a distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin, to numerous wallet addresses. In GonHit, Airdrop is a Referral Reward Campaign which offers an incentive to Affiliates who refer new participants (New Affiliates) to joining GonHit Network. For each new successful account registration at GonHit referred by your referral link, Affiliate will receive a reward of 200 GON when this new account's KYC is approved by GonHit Team (to become a verified account). Once its KYC is approved, this new account will also claim 1000 GON reward.


  1. To participate in the Affiliate Marketing Network, the Affiliate submits a registration form on the registration page of the www.gonhit.com domain.
  2. Registration is available to persons who have reached the age of 18.
  3. By submitting the registration form, the Affiliate is acknowledging these terms and is also agreeing to the terms of GonHit Privacy Policy which can be found at gonhit.com/privacy. Thus, the Affiliate is accepting the Agreement (offer) on his/her participation in the GonHit Affiliate Marketing Network.
  4. If these terms are met, the Affiliate receives a confirmation letter to the e-mail address specified by him/her upon registration. Further, the participant must complete the registration process in order to be able to work in the Affiliate Network.
  5. GonHit reserves the right to deny the Affiliate to participate in the Affiliate Network with no reasons given.
  6. After completion of the registration process and activation of the account, the Affiliate may use the services of the Affiliate Network. The Affiliate may change the data provided upon registration in his/her personal account. The exception is his/her login.
  7. These terms shall prevail over any terms provided by the Affiliates.


Traffic Sources/Method to get traffic Definitions and Interpretation Policy
Email Marketing Using email marketing to get traffic Depending on each campaign
Adult site Using traffic from adult sites or 18+ sites Depending on each campaign
Mega traffic site A website with huge traffic of variety topics Allowed
Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing (a.k.a. influence marketing) is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product/service placement from influencers, people, and organizations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field. Using Influencer Marketing means using traffic from Influencers Allowed
Coupon/discount Coupon websites are essentially online advertising sites that use direct marketing to facilitate group-buying deals and get traffic from them. They provide various deals for End Users to encourage them to buy products/use service or make a required action Allowed
Review/vertical site A review site is a website on which reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products, or services,...so that End Users can consider it as a helpful recommendation and then buy/use products/services from affiliate links or make required actions Allowed
Seeding Sharing affiliate links on highly visible platforms like blogs, the combination of social sites and social communities, portals, email and even messaging services to attract End Users Depending on each campaign
Paid traffic Traffic which Affiliates pay for (Usually advertising traffic) to get the conversion for campaigns Depending on each campaign
Cashback A method to attract traffic as well as End Users. It’s usually active in a website format or an application that offers End Users a chance to refund a small percentage of the sum spent on purchases when they buy something. Depending on each campaign
Fraudulent Activities The activities of faking data, conversions, traffic for personal gain. Not allowed
Fraudulent Traffic Creating virtual clicks, cookie stuffing, iframe. Not allowed
Faking Merchants or Distributors Activities of creating websites/ social channels which impersonate the Merchants or contact to the End Users directly as the Merchant's representative. Not allowed
Reseller In this method, Affiliates will buy products or services from Merchants at a discount and sell them at higher prices to make a profit. Depending on each campaign
Advertising on competing Merchant's channels Using affiliate links or advertising information to advertise on forums, groups, communities, or Facebook fanpages of competing merchants’ channels. Not allowed
SEM Brand name/Merchant name Running ads on the search engines (Google Adwords, Bing, ...) by using "Brand Key" or keywords intentionally misspellings of Merchant names to confuse customers. Specifically:
- Using the brand key from Merchants such as Alibaba, Amazon ...
- The keywords involved or deliberately misspellings misleading the Merchant names. For example Alibaaba, Ammazon ...
- Running long keywords including Merchants’s names. For example Shopee discount code, Alibaba discount code ...
- The titles & content of the ads involve Merchant's names.
Depending on each campaign

An Affiliate shall act in good faith whilst distributing the Advertising Materials, in accordance with the terms of the campaigns and with regard to the restrictions and obligations of these Rules.

An Affiliate shall have the right to use any Traffic Source for the distribution of Advertising Materials, provided that it is allowed in the campaign rule.

The promoting platform and the content of the hosting website (if applicable) must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the law of the country where the Merchants and/or Affiliates and/or geotargeting audience is resident.

Any Traffic Source which is used by the Affiliate may be monitored by GonHit and the Merchants, but neither Merchant nor GonHit shall be obliged to do so or held liable for not doing so.

Upon receiving a request to disclose the Traffic Source from GonHit, the Affiliate undertakes within 01 (One) business day to disclose and provide the requested information. Affiliate refuse to disclose a Traffic Source may result in access to the campaign being suspended and/or the Agreement terminated by GonHit unilaterally and extrajudicially.

Promoting Content:

The following content is always prohibited to be present on the promoting platform:

  1. Real or false depiction of violence, maleficent actions or accidents in video clips, games, and films
  2. Strong sexual content, including pornography
  3. Extremist political agitation, able to radicalize certain social class
  4. Hate propaganda on the basis of race, religious or sexual discrimination
  5. Criminal, violence and maleficent actions propaganda, including weapon production, fraud or terrorist actions
  6. Illegal content depending on the local law and regulation


If there is a new launching campaign, GonHit will notify Affiliates via email or other announcement channels such as Telegram and our Notification tab on the dashboard, etc.

Campaigns can be paused due to some reasons from Merchants or GonHit. GonHit will notify Affiliates via email or other announcement channels such as Telegram, and our Notification tab on the dashboard, etc.

Types of the campaign:

Each campaign has its own type of commission such as CPA, CPS, CPO, and so on. The commission will count to Affiliates in specific types. We define them on the table below:

Types Definitions and Interpretation
CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns Here the Merchants pay when a click is made on an ad
CPM (Cost per Mile/Cost per 1000 impressions) is the cost based on impressions, usually takes the milestone is the cost that is agreed by the merchants to pay for per 1,000 views for the desired advertisement;
CPA (Cost per action) campaigns Here merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks only pay fees when an EndUser performs a specific action such as purchasing goods, registering for services, filling information,…
CPS (Cost per sale) campaigns Here the merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks will pay when an end-user purchase through an affiliate link, the EndUser must make a successful payment and the payment is verified
CPL (Cost per lead) campaigns Here the merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks will pay on each end-user' information
CPQL (Cos per qualify lead) campaigns Here Merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks will pay on each end-user’ information meeting the exact criteria from the Merchants
CPI (Cost per install) campaigns Here Merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks will pay on each successful application install
CPO (Cost per order) campaigns Here Merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks will pay on each purchase
CPD (Cost per duration) is a cost based on display time or charge by the time of posting banner
CPR (Cost per registration) campaigns Here Merchants or Affiliate Marketing Networks will pay on a new successful registration


Merchants have the right to cancel all the performance/result of affiliates if they find the traffic is suspicious.


Validation is a process that GonHit double checks data and finalizes conversion status to make payment for the Affiliates. The commission of conversions that are approved will be able to be withdrawn by the Affiliates.

Each campaign has a different validation time and is updated on the campaign description in the dashboard. The validation time of the campaigns can be delayed in some cases. If so, GonHit will announce Affiliates via email or our other communication channels such as Telegram, and our Announce tab on the dashboard, etc.

In case there are any fraudulent activities by breaking any rules of campaigns or GonHit, the payment of the commission will be cancelled for a period of violation.

In case the commission was wrongly validated of the month, GonHit remains the right to correct in month T+1 and conduct the adjustment of the commission.


GonHit launches the “Airdrop” campaign as the Member Referral Reward Campaign with an unlimited scale of the number of referral members.

Member Referral Reward Campaign offers incentive to Affiliates who refer new participants (New Affiliates) to joining GonHit Network. For each new successful account registration at GonHit referred by your referral link, you will receive a reward of 200 GON when this new account's KYC is approved by GonHit Team (to become a verified account). Once its KYC is approved, this new account will also claim 1000 GON reward.

Criteria to approve an account is valid and will pay for referrals and will be conducted as follows:

- All members of GonHit will be airdropped 1000 GON as the first reward if they verify their accounts by KYC and have it approved

- Not only will Affiliate receive a bonus of 200 GON per verified user in his/her 10 levels, but also be entitled to have 3% of the total revenues of the team members in the 10 levels

If Affiliates are found or suspected of violating the restrictions, depending on the severity, there will be specific notices. The current highest levels of penalties are cancelling affiliate commission and blocking affiliate accounts


Each campaign has its own commission. GonHit will work with the Merchants to determine the final commission for each campaign

We will update the commission information directly on the dashboard if there is any change in it. It’s our responsibility to update the commission directly on the dashboard without notifying the Affiliates. Nevertheless, in some cases, we will still try to notify you via email or our other communication channels such as Telegram, our Announce tab on the dashboard, etc before one day

An Affiliate is entitled to receive commission from promoting Merchant's campaigns on GonHit

Calculation of the Affiliate’s commission is performed in accordance with:

  1. The term is stated in the description of campaigns
  2. The total quantity of accomplished Target Actions
  3. GonHit Network statistics and billing

The cost of a Target Action might be changed from time to time. The actual cost of a Target Action applied at the time a Target Action is accomplished shall be used to calculate the Affiliate’s commission. The Affiliate agrees that the calculation of accomplished Target Actions will be based on the data of the GonHit billing system.

Commission Display:

The minimal sum of commission, which is available for payment, will be shown in the Affiliate personal account dashboard.


  1. Payment information is confirmed by Affiliates before submitting to the GonHit system. If there is any issue about wrong payment information which is submitted by Affiliates, GonHit will not take responsibility for it. We will only support you by providing payment evidence
  2. Any expenses or other fees incurred as a result of or in connection to the distribution of Advertising Materials by the Affiliate will not be reimbursed
  3. Any fees related to the transfer of commission shall be borne by the parties in proportions agreed for relevant means of payment and currency in the Affiliate Personal account

Withdraw Methods:

The commission will be paid to the Affiliate in any withdrawal methods which are currently available on the GonHit Network (following the confirmation of the Affiliate).

The Affiliate is responsible to ensure compliance of the required methods which are available on GonHit as:

  1. Bitcoin Wallet
  2. Paypal Wallet

Withdraw Amount:

The minimum amount of affiliate can withdraw from the GonHit network is 10$

The maximum amount of affiliate can withdraw from the GonHit network is 1000 times of personal commission


Depending on the severity, there will be specific notices. The current highest level of penalties is locking accounts and not paying commission which was approved before


If there is any dispute between Affiliates about the orders, we will pay the commission following the Last Click. “Last click” is given credit for a sale or conversion. For example, an EndUser clicked on affiliate A’s affiliate link first, but didn’t buy, after a few days they clicked on affiliate B’s affiliate link, this time EndUser makes a purchase, the affiliate B will be credited for the commission.

If there is any dispute between Affiliates and Merchants, It all depends on the rules of each campaign

If there is any missing order, please notify GonHit Support Team immediately

The Affiliate is entitled to consult GonHit representatives via his/her personal account. All disputes which may arise out of or in connection with these Rules shall be settled in the courts of the country where Respondent is localized


GonHit network is available in several languages, which can be chosen by the Affiliate in the interface of their personal account

The functionality of the GonHit network may be changed or modified at any time without prior notice to the Affiliates

GonHit network may not be available at all times during periods required for technical maintenance as well as for other reasons, a decision may be made for GonHit network to cease operating or any part thereof

GonHit network is provided “AS IS” and no representation or warranty is given with regard to the suitability or availability of the GonHit network or any part thereof for use in any particular jurisdiction and no representation or warranty is given regarding the continuous, error-free, virus-free operation of the Platform or that its servers will always be in a good working condition


Under no circumstances will GonHit or any legal entity, which is a part of GonHit Group, as well as its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliated entities, licensees, agents, authorised representatives, including management and employees, be liable to the Affiliate, its subsidiaries, employees, agents, counterparties, partners or other affiliated entities for any forms of liability (other than liability which cannot be excluded such as liability for death or personal injury) which may arise out of or in connection to the Affiliate’s acceptance of these Rules, or any other accidental, direct or indirect, punitive, actual or consequential damages, special, damages or other damages such as exemplary damages (additional compensation awarded by a court amounting to more than the actual losses), including damages for loss of profits or loss of expected gain, moral damages, loss of business reputation, loss of data or loss of any other intangible property, caused as a result of using the GonHit Network. The Affiliate accepts full liability for any damages of any kind arising from or connection to the use of the GonHit

The Affiliate accepts full liability for any damages of any kind arising from or connection to the use of the Network or the inability to access or use the GonHit Network by the Affiliate. GonHit liability hereunder to the Affiliate shall be for all purposes (except for personal injury and fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation) limited to USD 500 for all terms of these Rules


The Affiliate undertakes to indemnify, defend and hold harmless any legal entity, which is part of the GonHit Group, united under the GonHit trademark, as well as its licensees, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliated entities, parent companies, authorized representatives, including officers, directors and employees, counterparties, including Merchants (“Indemnified Parties”) from any and all claims, losses or damages caused by the Affiliate, its subsidiaries, employees, agents, counterparties, partners or other affiliated entities, as well as fully indemnify the Indemnified Parties from any and all claims and losses, expenses (including reasonable legal fees), costs arising from or in connection to any third-party claims as well as any liability for payment orders, legal claims or suits, damages, losses, court rulings and judgments, penalties, sanctions, costs, expenses for legal services and representation required as a result of:

  1. Any breach of any provision of these Rules by the Affiliate;
  2. Failure to observe or infringement of any third party rights, including but not limited to the rights of other Affiliates;
  3. Unsanctioned use of the GonHit Network;
  4. Breach by the Affiliate of DGPR or any applicable data protection laws and regulations;


The Affiliate hereby covenants not to bring any action to make any claim whatsoever against the rules in this GonHit's Legals & Policy.


The legislation which is closely connected to the conditions of the campaigns shall apply to the campaigns. The legislation which is closely connected to the conditions of the campaigns shall mean the legislation of the country where the Merchant is registered.


If a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of these Rules unlawful, void or finds that for any reason they cannot be legally enforced, such provision shall be deemed severed to such an extent as to make it legally enforceable or severed completely from these Rules, but this will not affect the validity and legal enforceability of any remaining provisions.


These Legals and Policy may be modified, updated, revised, or otherwise changed or amended at any time, and new or additional rules, policies, or conditions may be established

GonHit shall notify the Affiliate of such changes by:

  1. Directing a notice by email to the email address indicated in the personal account of the Affiliate
  2. Or publishing a new version of these Rules on the GonHit Network

In case of material changes, the date of the current version of the Rules shall be changed. All amendments to these Rules will come into force immediately and will be incorporated into these Rules when such notice has been sent or distributed or new Rules were published

The Affiliate is solely responsible for regularly reviewing these Rules.

Use of the GonHit network or any part thereof, after any changes to these Rules, have been stated in the notice on the GonHit network or otherwise made available to the Affiliate will be deemed as acceptance of such changes and will reflect the willingness of Affiliate to be bound by them. If the Affiliate does not agree to any such changes, the only available form of refusal for the Affiliate is to stop using the GonHit Network


These rules do not confer the Affiliate any rights whatsoever of access to GonHit Network in the future. The Affiliate agrees that access to a specific campaign and GonHit Network may be suspended at any time and for any reason, with or without notice

Any company, which is part of the GonHit Group, united under the GonHit trademark, will be liable and can be liable to the Affiliate for any cessation of Affiliate’s access to campaigns or the GonHit Network.


Access to the GonHit Network cannot be provided without the obligations and restrictions set out in these Rules. The Affiliate agrees that it is not an agent, employee, joint venture, or partner of any company, which is part of the GonHit Group, united by the GonHit trademark, and that the Affiliate is engaged as an independent contractor

The Affiliate is solely responsible for accounting and payment of any and all applicable taxes and other payments/fees, which may be required by the law of the country where it is resident.

These Rules shall remain in full legal force for the provisions which by their nature should survive termination thereof regardless of whether the Affiliate ceases to be registered or use the GonHit Network for any reason whatsoever or any of GonHit or the Affiliate terminates these Rules.


For more information about our legal and policy, or if you want to make a complaint or any request - please contact us via [email protected]